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What to visit in Mâcon?
The Saint-Vincent Cathedral.
The Vieux Saint-Vincent is the historical district in Mâcon, where you can find its main building, the Saint-Vincent Cathedral, on which construction began in the 11th century.
The building, built in memory of Saint Vincent de Saragosse (one of the patron saints of winemakers), was finished 3 centuries after.
However, its history is full of unexpected developments, having been built on unstable ground and having overcome wars up until the Revolution, when it was partly destroyed.
The cathedral is easily recognisable thanks mainly to its two octagonal towers, one of which is taller than the other.
Also, you can observe that a part of the Mâcon cathedral’s facade shows in minute detail 5 scenes of the Last Judgement, a beautiful architectural work.
The Saône quays
The patron of Mâcon is Lamartine!
The French poet, a native of Mâcon from birth in 1790, gleams from on high as a statue opposite the city hall, situated on the Lamartine Esplanade facing the Quay... Lamartine.
This quay, the biggest in Saône, is the most renowned, thanks to this esplanade where numerous events take place, like the recent Tour de France reception or the Mâcon summer festival:
The ‘Été Frappé’ which gives prominence to jazz.
As you wander around the Lamartine esplanade, you will undoubtedly have a sudden urge to pronounce these lines... Don’t worry, you’re not the only one...
Ainsi, toujours poussés vers de nouveaux rivages,
Dans la nuit éternelle emportés sans retour,
Ne pourrons-nous jamais sur l'océan des âges
Jeter l'ancre un seul jour?

These lines come from the poem ‘Le Lac’ by Alphonse Lamartine